A storefront is the part of any shop or store that faces the street. Also referred to as a facade or frontage, the storefront is commonly dressed with display windows made of glass. The aim of using glass storefronts is to display what the business sells to attract customers. The good thing about the glass storefronts is that you can get a large glass panel at a comparatively low price. Most people prefer storefronts because they can undergo alterations without necessarily affecting the surrounding architectural elements. You can choose from multiple storefront types. If you opt for a glass storefront, you need to decide the type of glass you want based on your needs and style. For further information, check out the details below. For storefront doors, there are those made of aluminum, glass, and bronze. You can opt for a framed or a frameless storefront. The framed storefront may use aluminum or bronze for strength. When the fabrication, replacement, repair, or installation of your storefront is being done, there are various innovative ways meant to improve the efficiency of the whole process.

Types of Storefronts

  • Commercial Storefront

    The main category that probably summarizes all the others is the commercial storefront. For your retail store or other commercial space, you can opt for a glass commercial storefront or an aluminum commercial storefront. You can have a commercial storefront installed while all the other elements in your space remain intact.

  • Custom Storefront

    Having a custom storefront installed for you is the best way to transform your commercial space with style. There are many custom colors and designs you can use to enhance the ambience of your office. You can choose to be creative with the storefront as you set the tone of your commercial space. This way, you will be in control of how inviting your store will be to the customers. For the custom facade, you get to choose the type of glass you want used. Some of the common types of glass featured in commercial custom storefronts are: - Transparent glass - Stained commercial glass - Tinted glass - Safety glass - Frosted glass Before choosing a certain type of glass, ensure that it is tempered for longevity.

  • Storefront System

    You will find various storefront systems designed as per your needs. What's more, the system should be compatible with your interior, the windows, walls, and doors. They should also be styled seamlessly so they appear as one thing with the curtains and the entrance. The storefront systems have thermal barrier technologies that are perfect for your customized structure. The performance of the storefront system will depend on how flexible and durable it is. The best storefront system should be of premium quality to accommodate diverse integration. It also ought to be easy to install so that it can save your time, effort, and cost. The right storefront system is designed to provide maximum security and protection to commercial spaces and items. It should also withstand hazards like hurricanes, burglaries, and blasts.

  • Aluminum Storefront

    Many customers opt for aluminum storefront. This is because aluminum is strong, which means it makes the storefront durable. Moreover, aluminum storefronts are the best way to protect the items in your commercial place. They are highly dependable since they also look great and classy. Furthermore, you can have the aluminum storefront customized to the design that best reflects your business style. The storefront could feature a unique finish that includes the colors that define your business.

  • Storefront Fabrication

    Storefront may be fabricated at your location according to your custom specs or you can also choose to have prefabricated storefront, ready to be installed, delivered to your location.

Clear View

The main role of storefronts is to create a way for the passersby to get a clear view of what the store deals with and identify what is available. However, the type of business you do will determine the type of glass to use in designing your storefront. If you have a salon, a barbershop, a boutique, or the likes, you should go for a clear glass to allow potential customers to see through. This will help them know what you have to offer and help them decide whether they need it. Stained commercial glass, on the other hand, is ideal for restaurants and churches.


Commercial centers that need customer privacy could go for the tinted glass. If your business requires enough natural lighting but privacy is of utmost significance, then the frosted glass is the best choice. This applies to medical centers, spas etc. If you deal in high value products like diamond earrings, gold chains etc., then you need to display them. Such a display, however, needs to create a secure commercial space. For such businesses, you have to choose a safety glass that is resistant to breakages from blunt objects.

Storefront Replacement

If you would like to replace your storefront partially or completely, then you have a variety of choices to make. Sometimes, you may want to change the type of glass used on your storefront or the style. The storefront can be designed to not only accommodate your needs but also the style of the business. You will also want a bulletproof or a fire resistant glass installed in your storefront to boost the security of your commercial space. The storefront can further undergo customization as per the details of your business. This way, your customers will know when you are open, closed, your contact info etc.

Storefront Repair

Storefront repair varies depending on what modifications are needed. If you feel that the glass storefront does not provide enough privacy or security to your business, then you could have a security film applied on top of the glass that is already in place. However, if you have an aluminum storefront, a complete repair of the same would be needed for durability and safety purposes. If the glass used to make the storefront is broken, New York Doors & Windows Inc will remove the damaged part and make repairs wherever is necessary. New glass is installed if the already installed storefront is beyond repair. This will help enhance the aesthetics of your business as well as its security.

Storefront Installation

Storefront installation may be used as a collective name for all of the above services. You will have all the storefront units installed to create a fully customized design. You can have ventilating windows, curtains, walls, and aluminum or glass storefront doors installed in an instant. Some of the storefront components that you can have installed in your retail store include:

  • Storefront glass doors

    Some businesses opt to use glass doors so the customers can see right through. In most instances, the glass doors are bronze or aluminum framed. Because of the occasional opening, closing, and sometimes banging, the doors are made of safety glass for strength and durability. The doors are also customizable to include the logo of your company or other unique details. The storefront doors are also installed in banks but with tinted glass for security. The doors are designed with a pull-and-push feature, ensuring that you don't handle it directly. This prevents unnecessary damage that could require repairs often.
  • Storefront Windows

    These are the most common in retail stores like supermarkets, drug stores, and boutiques. They allow the business to display the items on sale on clear windows so that the customers can see them. Storefront windows are usually designed to match the curtains and the walls of a premise, especially in restaurants. For flexibility, storefront windows feature a sliding design in most instances.
  • Storefront Glass

    Storefront glass is a term used to refer to the systems that display commercial products and services for consumer convenience. Storefront glass varies depending on your needs. If you want added security to your commercial store, you can opt for a break-resistant and bulletproof glass. For privacy, you could go for frozen and tinted glass, where each has its benefits. The glass storefront doors are further customizable into flash, thermal, heavy-wall, IR, or standard depending on the varieties available.
  • Storefront Doors

    There are various types of storefront doors used by different customers. The most common are the glass, bronze, and aluminum doors. The glass storefront doors are used for their elegance and the ability to display the store products and services effectively. Aluminum storefront doors, on the other hand, are popular with people looking to secure their stores. Bronze storefront doors are a perfect choice for creating stylish commercial stores.
  • Frameless glass wall

    The frameless glass walls are the best option if you are looking to create sight lines for transparent designs. They form elegant fronts for office spaces and homes. You can have individual panel frameless glass walls or sliding doors for simplicity. They come in handy when you want a physical barrier created that is not visual.
  • Aluminum storefront doors

    Aluminum storefront doors are super strong and durable. The door may be sliding, swinging, or customized according to your preferences. Moreover, the value storefront doors may be styled in varying colors to reflect your business theme accordingly. Aluminum storefront doors are also light, thus making them easy to handle.
  • Storefront System

    The installation of your storefront system will depend on the size of your project. Some storefront systems require massive fabrications with multiple units to install. It is important that you describe your desired storefront's style by deciding the type of glass, color, and other details that you want included. It is imperative to have the entire storefront's system integrated into the interior and exterior of your store because it will be classier that way.
  • Aluminum storefront framing

    To enhance the strength of your glass storefront, you should have it framed with aluminum. This will allow the storefront to provide years of service. This comes in handy if you have storefront doors and windows. Even if they are banged, they will remain intact because they resist impact. An aluminum framing also makes the storefront more definitive.
  • Frameless glass storefront

    A frameless glass storefront is the ideal choice for anyone looking to put up a physical barrier in the store while maintaining a clear view. The frameless storefront is all-glass and can be formatted to your style. To achieve this, you can choose amongst a wide range of glasses based on their durability. For instance, you could have an all-glass storefront installed in your commercial property because it is classic. The glass used on the frameless storefront is usually tempered, implying that it is made stronger to endure the force applied to it. At New York Doors & Windows Inc, we can create and install storefront systems perfectly complementing the existing architecture of the building. We are experts in handling storefronts of any size, ranging from big departmental stores to a mom and pop shop, and use

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