Sliding Doors

Safe and easy to use, sliding doors can open up space in the room. Popularly used as room dividers, closet doors, office partitions, wall slide doors, sliding doors solve space problems in commercial and residential buildings. Durable, safe, and sturdy, sliding entrance doors come in standard size and patterns and can even be custom designed. These types of doors are manufactured with two or more sashes, sliding to the left or right horizontally. Based on a ride over mechanism, sliding doors are ideal choices for offices, commercial buildings, while these are increasingly being used in residential spaces as well. Made of glass and reinforced with steel, sliding doors offer excellent sound and thermal insulation. With a stunning choice of frame finishes, door patterns, and glass types, sliding doors can be constructed wider or taller, depending on the setting. NYC Glass Works engineers take pride in being master technicians in creating custom sliding door entrances in different styles and designs.


  • Natural lighting

    Glass walls, partitions, or dividers are used to create an open space for natural light. Most people find such an environment more impressive and welcoming. The room looks more spacious and attractive.

  • Modern look

    Most people are attracted to glass partitions due to their aesthetic value. Glasses come in varying styles and designs so you can choose whichever suits your taste and preference. Glass is bound to create a more appealing office and home style. You can also pick the color that is compatible with the logo of your company.

Common applications

Sliding Glass doors from NYC GlassWorks don’t swing – so they require less floor space – allowing you to place furniture nearby. They are a great source of natural light and are available in both traditional and contemporary styles.


Glass doors capture the imagination with this stunning offering. Whether you prefer the fine, thoughtful details of our traditional styling or the clean, smart lines of our modern doors, NYC Glass Works® series products are made to inspire spectacular views.

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