Benefits of glass partitions

NYC Glass Works manufactures and installs aluminum and frameless glass walls, glass wall systems, glass partitions,and glass dividers for homes and offices. Glass walls can be installed with swing, bi-folding or sliding glass door and be either fixed or retractable (movable). When it comes to the construction of homes and offices, more people are opting to incorporate the modern style of using glass rather than using permanent walls, partitions, or dividers. While office managers opt to use these styles in order to enhance the performance of employees, homeowners who use them are often looking for elegance and classic designs. You will find a variety of glass types that you can choose from. This gives you unique options based on the look you are going for as well as the decor in your office or home.


  • Natural lighting

    Glass walls, partitions, or dividers are used to create an open space for natural light. Most people find such an environment more impressive and welcoming. The room looks more spacious and attractive.

  • Modern look

    Most people are attracted to glass partitions due to their aesthetic value. Glasses come in varying styles and designs so you can choose whichever suits your taste and preference. Glass is bound to create a more appealing office and home style. You can also pick the color that is compatible with the logo of your company.

  • Practicality

    Glass partitions are a practical way of dividing your office space or home. If you need to expand the rooms or change their style in future, you can easily uninstall the glass partitions and reinstall them as you need. This is brought about by the flexibility of this partitioning style.

  • Cost effectiveness

    Everyone is looking to get the most value out of his or her money. This means that people are always looking out for a way to save even if it is a dollar. Glass partitions are a cost effective way that allows you to save some of your construction money because they are cheaper than jumbo and permanent walls. What's more, glass partitioned rooms eliminate the need for artificial lighting, which could increase your expenditure on utility bills. In addition to reducing lighting costs, the partitions will also make your office more energy efficient, thus reducing its carbon footprint.

  • Privacy

    This is particularly essential for office spaces because personnel have to hold meetings, take important phone calls, and enhance their work efficiency. Glass partitions are the best way to create a professional work environment. Employees can work privately under minimal disruptions and you can hold meetings without dealing with noisy shared offices. Some offices also partition their conference rooms to allow them to hold various meetings privately.

  • Enhanced productivity

    Unlike opaque partitions, glass partitions are a perfect way to boost the performance of employees. This is because most of them will fear that they are being scrutinized and end up being more productive. The personnel are also likely to be more accountable.

  • Ease of maintenance

    Glass is easy to clean and maintain since you only need a cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth.

Common applications

Glass partitions, walls, and dividers are commonly used in homes and commercial places. At home, you may use glass to create a luxurious and spacious home office with natural lighting. Most conference rooms will have glass partitions or sliding glass doors to avoid disturbance. This is because everyone will see that the room is occupied and that there is a meeting in progress. Glass partitions are a cheaper way of creating commercial offices with the aim of achieving all the above benefits. Supermarkets, drug stores, shops, and other business places have also adapted this style to create doors and entranceways.

Type of glass commonly used

There is a wide variety of glass used in the partitioning of homes and commercial places. Below are some of the most common types of glass that you could use for your partitions. Switchable glass, also called smart glass, transmits light differently when various elements like heat, artificial lighting, or voltage are used. It can be translucent or transparent depending on how you want. You may also opt for laminated glass because it is one of the most durable types of glass. The clear glass is the best for people looking to light up their rooms more. Frosted glass is also another classy glass type that you could use to add aesthetic value to your office or home. You could also use tinted or opaque glass if you want to make a room more private and unique. If you want the glass to be decorated or to portray the company's logo, you can use films and stickers.

Types of glass doors commonly used with glass partitions

Sliding glass doors - glass door with a guiding track at the bottom. Swing glass doors - also called pivot or hinge glass doors, are among the door types that use laminated or tempered glass. With them, you get to choose to install either a single door or double doors. Bi-folding glass doors are the elegant solution to creating a large entrance that also has a spectacular view. These are the biggest indoor and outdoor entrance options in the industry. What's more, they allow homeowners to enjoy an unrivaled flexibility and aesthetics. If you are looking to upgrade your home's interior, installing the bi-fold door could be a great start.

  • Glass partitioning

    You can partition your office space using glass dividers for elegance because the glass partition enhances the usability of the rooms. You can also use glass partitioning for conference rooms since it provides spacious meeting areas for office efficiency.
  • Glass partition wall

    Instead of going for jumbo or permanent walls, why not have glass partition walls installed in your home or commercial property. This will increase the amount of natural light penetrating into the space. With the glass walls, your home or office will be more inviting to your clients and personnel. There is no better way to create a cute office space while minimizing on cost!
  • Office glass partition

    More office managers are leaning towards glass partitions to improve efficiency. With them, people are able to work effectively and pick calls without dealing with background noise. What's more, you can choose your favorite partition from the various types of beautiful glass that you can install in your office. Once installed, you will enjoy working in a flexible office space!
  • Office glass wall

    You can opt for solid or demountable office glass walls. For this product, you will get a wide range of stylish glass wall options to choose from. You can even have customs glass walls that reflect the color theme of your company and logo. You can also opt for architectural and designer folding glass walls for your office.
  • Sliding glass wall

    Sliding glass walls are the best way to promote single-track flexibility. You can use several panels depending on how wide you want the wall to be. There are swing doors that can also be used to build sliding glass walls. These are usually stored away for convenience purposes.
  • Glass divider for rooms

    You can divide your space with glass to enhance not only its beauty but also to allow natural lighting. You can take advantage of the many options available such as the customizable sliding room dividers for more style. The dividers are also safe for you and sturdy for durability. They are the best energy saving solution for big office spaces.
  • Glass dividers for home or office

    These are custom glass dividers that are ideal for homes and offices. With the attractive glass dividers, you can even divide your living room to create a home office. You can also have a proprietary wheel-to-track system that will be used as a locking mechanism. Such dividers can also have a Smart Shut System for convenience.
  • Frameless glass wall

    The frameless glass walls are the best option if you are looking to create sight lines for transparent designs. They form elegant fronts for office spaces and homes. You can have individual panel frameless glass walls or sliding doors for simplicity. They come in handy when you want a physical barrier created that is not visual.
  • Conference room glass partition

    Companies may sometimes need to conduct different meetings at a go even when they have few conference rooms. The solution to this dilemma is to use operable glass walls. These are programmed to open and close automatically with just the touch of a button. You can, therefore, open them for a large conference space or close them to create multiple rooms in one conference space.
  • Glass office wall

    Most of the common glass office walls are either movable, operable, or long-term. If you are looking to create a physical barrier among employees' working spaces, glass walls are your best bet. They will let in enough natural light so you don't have to spend much on electricity bills. On the other hand, you will give each employee the privacy he or she requires during work hours.
  • Movable glass wall

    Movable glass walls are also called operable glass walls. They are programmed and customized as per your needs. They will open and close fast for flexibility and convenience. They are system halted in case they are obstructed as a safety measure.
  • Glass office cubicle

    Modern office floor plans feature cubicles as a way of enhancing efficiency. They create privacy walls so that you can work without disturbance from colleagues. Picking up calls is also effective since there will be no background noise. Most employees work better in a private environment.
  • Office glass partitioning

    Office glass partitioning works best in large facilities because you can use dividers and partitions to enhance office flexibility. Interior glass walls are a perfect choice for you if you want to create a more modern and elegant look. With them, you can be sure to get an innovative workspace
  • Glass wall room divider

    Glass wall room dividers will optimize the space available while reducing the cost you incur on the project. You have to review your floor plane in order to choose the right glass divider for your room. You can choose between stationary, sliding, swinging, frameless, and movable glass divider options. The rooms will be simple and easy to clean yet attractive to the eye.
  • Interior glass wall

    Interior glass walls are used to improve the experience of clients in offices. They comprise of glass products that you can choose from to enhance the aesthetics of your office and promote natural lighting. With the glass walls, you no longer have to deal with foot traffic that could distract you. As a result, you get to enjoy a healthy working environment!

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